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HumanistLife suggests:

Gimana yaa, mau bilang sayang, tapi kok kayanya kalo udah gede tuh lebih tepat nunjukin sayang pake perilaku.

Hikmah lain adalah aku jadi ramadhan bareng mamabapak karena Restoration nya drumah. Iyalah, lha wong mkn nya aja bubur! Dan ga bebas bergerak karena kalo geraknya kayak biasa2, jd keganggu banget ini jaitan berasa ketarikkk dan ampuuuunnn sakit

walopun aku juga tetep ga sabar nunggu hasil or jawaban dari Ikantan Akuntan Indonesia. semoga paling lambat di Januari 2017 mama nelpon atau textual content aku karena terima surat dari mereka. aamiin.

Rogers argued that the use of the term “bogus” instructed that the BCA understood a few of the statements produced for chiropractic to generally be Wrong.

Son lea álo hirbmat movttas, ja leaikkasta nu bures ahte suddu go ii giige lea luoitán su lávdái. Ferten gal čájetit mo sáhttá mannat go áiggun oastit mu beaivválaš láibán:

And that is cool @Casliber... some will concur along with you plus some will not. But it surely will not subject any more if you or I like them or not. It's been solved. We have to make use of them at wikipedia irrespective of sourcing, and any English alphabetic variety is just not permitted to be demonstrated any place Except We now have it from the individual in query's individual lips. That is what we adhere to below. Fyunck(simply click) (speak) 21:fifty four, 6 May 2014 (UTC)

Pacarnya makan ampe kenyang atau poto2 sampe berisik, tetep ga noleh gt. Baby, untung aku gapernah cemburu loh ama file yg kamu pegang. Apalagi kalo yg dipegang tuh file klien akuu

Kemudian dikasih inget bersyukur; masih bisa bayar notaris, masih bisa beli properti tanpa riba, masih bisa hahahehe sama mamabapak, masih bisa nobar bareng kakak adek, masih bisa tau aktivitas pacar, masih dikasih kesehatan.

Certainly The purpose is not really whether or not the BCA are knowingly provideing cure that doesn’t perform, but alternatively that they are proclaiming a therapy does get the here job done knowing that they don’t know if it works. That surely can make it bogus?

Muđuid, go in surfe Imguras, de geahčadan Mates (in duostta dadjat man ollu) ja filmmažiid Youtubas. Vaikko lean duhtamiehttun go Statoil lea bidjan reklámaideaset juohke sadjái Youtubes. Ná lea go geahččagoađán filmmaža doppe:

I'm sorry, Dohn joe, but How can you Have a very constructive discussion with someone that requires the ridiculous situation that he "likes" (I child you not) Hồ Ngọc Hà mainly because it is "a more accurate portrayal from the names"? Yeah, It is more correct in Vietnamese, Although not IN ENGLISH!

In truth, I regard this dialogue as worthwhile. And Certainly, I definitely hope that no person would close it to be a poll. I am confident that every one of us "guidance" making the website obtainable to those with visual impairments, but it's important to be aware of what difficulties basically exist in advance of we try to clear up them. —David Levy 21:19, 27 April 2014 (UTC)

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